Frequently Asked Questions - SS Head Spacers

1. Which applications are SS spacers available?
ABA, AEG, AEB, PG, 12V VR6, 24V VR6, and 3.2L R32.

2. Do I need to O-Ring the block and head to use this spacer?
Absolutely not. One of the major benefits to our SS spacer is that you do not need to O-ring the block or the head.

3. Do I need to use an adhesive like when using a copper gasket?
Cement … NO. We do suggest the use of Permatex Copper Spray as a gasket prep during installation. The ability to offer a "leak-free" application is achieved by using OEM VW gaskets. These metal 'crush' gaskets make the seals with the 1st and 3rd layers. C2 SS spacers along with Permatex copper spray allows for a factory-like seal.

4. What psi can I run with these?
We have tested these gaskets with NO LEAKS up +27psi on the 12v VR6 motor.

5. Which C2 Spacer do I need for my application? What are the max boost levels?
Please refer to product description for CR and acceptable boost levels. *proper tuning is required

6. What if I already have lowered Compression, does C2 offer anything that would NOT lower my CR more, but would allow for a better seal?
Yes. For the 12v we do offer a .030" spacer that will retain your CR but offer you the same performance design of our other spacers.

7. Are these SS spacers custom made, or are they in stock?
Yes and Yes. Spacers are custom laser cut for C2Motorsports. Then OEM metal gaskets are used to assemble the finished product. We stock these on the shelf for immediate shipment.

8. What do I need to do in order to prep the head and block for the installation of this spacer?
Like with any gasket installation, you will want to assure that the surfaces are clear of debris. Then use a 'gasket prep' on the SS spacer, just as you would with a conventional gasket installation. Install and torque head bolts to factory specs.

9. Do I need new Head Bolts when using this spacer? Can I get these from C2Motorsports?
We suggest upgrading your Fasteners to a performance style. We stock both Raceware and ARP race fasteners for most VW applications.